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Performance Instruction

We offer a wide variety of performance instruction. Please click on the area listed below and when you are ready to find out more, or register for a class, please contact us.

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This program is designed for students to learn skills to model with confidence. It is to build self esteem and to gain knowledge about skincare, makeup, hair, and the latest trends in fashion. The students will be taught basic mannequin and runway modeling and be able to apply their skills in a live fashion show. Girls and Boys of all ages, there is a session for you!

Bee-Bop Models Age 4 to 7

$100 for 6 sessions, limit 6 per class

6 sessions of 1/2 hour classes. Fashion Show 1 1/2 hour ( prep , dress, makeup, hair, 1/2 hour show including mannequin modeling)

This group will engage in runway and mannequin modeling. They will learn rhythm and walk with style. They will learn skincare and soft makeup techniques just for modeling. This is a fun program to build confidence, and a great introduction to modeling.

Chic Models Age 8 to 12

$150 for 6 sessions, limit 6 per class

6 sessions of 1 hour classes. Fashion Show 1 1/2 hour (prep, dress, makeup, hair, 1/2 hour show including mannequin modeling)

Chic Models will learn a more indepth level of skincare, makeup, and hair. They will learn rhythm, some animated dance moves for the runway and mannequin modeling poses. They will learn basic levels of fashion colours, as well as body types and fashion to match. Chic models will also touch on nutrition. This program is designed to build self awareness of skincare and what to wear on their body types, build self-esteem and have a great time!

NAC Models age 13 and up

$200 for 6 sessions, limit 6 per class

6 sessions of 1 hour classes. Fashion show 1 1/2 hour (prep, dress, makeup, hair, 1/2 hour show including mannequin modeling)

NAC Models will have hands on experience when learning application of skincare and makeup. They will be given skills to identify colours for skin tones, correctly identifying skin type and learn the leaders in skincare. Hair, style and image will be covered in this session and they will learn the latest in fashion trends and no what’s best suited for thier body type. They will learn nutrition based on the canada’s food guide. They will be taught how to walk with rhythm, confidence, style and conviction. Learn movement to enhance your steps. Learn breathing techniques to create the stillness of a mannequin model.

Models in this group will have the opportunity to be called on from time to time and may be contracted under NAC Models.

To obtain your application for this class please call 604-316-4207 and leave a message. Thank you.

Creative Movement

Learn and create movement with sounds and music from around the world.

Technique from Ballet will enable our dancers to move freely, gain flexibility and strength.

Modern and lyrical movement will be combined with the musical talents from around the world. Be touched by a unique dance experience.

Beginners and advanced students are welcome. NAC will cleverly choreograph a rare concept of movement based on the talents of students to become a beautiful dance.

$200 8 sessions, 1 hour sessions, limit 4 per class – beginners / $300 8 sessions- private

$300 8 sessions, 1 hour sessions, limit 4 per class – advanced / $400 5 sessions – private


Relax, Re-focus your energies, sleep better, rejuvenate, or just go on a vacation in your mind and become one with mind and body.

Light stretching, and breathing techniques will also be a part of these sessions.

Your consultation will determine your needs.

$100/ 4 sessions
1 hour session
Limit 4 per class

Theatre Production

Students will experience a team building theatrical production created and performed by NAC students.

Using basic principles of characterization, story creation, and plot building, students will engage in a production that they create from start to finish.

  • Create a story
  • Create characters
  • Create set design
  • Create costumes
  • Create lighting
  • Create sound
  • Makeup and hair
  • Rehearse
  • Perform

10 Sessions
1.5 hour sessions
Limit 10 per class

Ballroom Dancing

Learn the most popular dances in 10 sessions.

Have fun and dance to your hearts content!

  • Cha-cha
  • Tango
  • Waltz
  • Western Swing
  • Fox Trot
  • Merengue
  • Samba
  • Rhumba

$500 per couple
Limit 4 couples per class
1 hour sessions


Wedding Dance

For the most memorable occasion of a bride and groom’s day, we can choreograph a dance to make your special day unforgettable! Whether you want a slow dance for just the 2 of you or a dance routine that includes your entire wedding party to break out into a musical fantasy….we can make that happen! If you can walk you can dance!

We can help you choose a piece of music to suit your day or you choose one and we can bring your idea to life with our creative talents. Your family and friends will be wildly entertained and completely surprised. Most importantly we will work with you and your guests to bring out everyones talents to the max with a dance that no one will forget!

This idea is not new. It has been occurring at weddings all over the World for centuries. Traditionally the first dance is for the bride and groom to celebrate the life long commitment of man and wife. However more and more couples are venturing out for a new and exciting concept of the first dance. Creating a dance routine completely choreographed just for you! It’s your wedding and your first dance……How do see it? Your dream is our vision.

Call us for an appointment today and let’s make it happen!

Couples dance only – consultation 1 hour – FREE. 8 *dance sessions – $500

Group Dances- Bride and Groom and up to 8 in a party -Consultation – 1 hour – $50 per session

4 dance *sessions with group- $300

*sessions are 1 hour
* Additional sessions are $25 per hour

Stage Presence - A Beginner's Program

This program is designed to develop a comfort level on stage so that characters can be fully explored. Musical theatre, dramatic roles, monologues and chorus parts will be included in the curriculum.

2 hour class – 20 person maximum
Randy Newbury


This program is designed to prepare you for your audition. Monologues, dramatic roles, musical theatre will be included. Students are asked to bring a piece to this class. Please discuss before attending your class if you do not have a piece in which you are working on with your instructor. Group and Private classes are available.

Group $50/1 HOUR
Individual $75/HOUR
Instructor – Randy Newbury